Angry Birds 3.0.0

Angry Birds 3.0.0

Enter the fever of the feathers with Angry Birds Demo, one puzzle games the most popular of all time! Join this force of furious birds, destroy the pigs hideouts and recover stolen eggs with a little help of these new friends!

Strategy and skills go hand in hand in an attractive manner


Learn to play Angry Birds Demo is pretty easy. At the beginning of each level you will receive a giant slingshot and a group of different birds with different capabilities. Using your strategic skills and taking into consideration the peculiar abilities of the group, you have to shoot every bird directly in the building where the evil green pigs are hiding. Your goal is simple: break down the walls on the heads of pigs and destroy them in the least amount of attempts possible to move forward and win various prizes.


To achieve this, you have a whole army at your disposal. Thus, you will have the basic red bird, an animal capable of crushing everything it touches even if it's thick as a brick. You will also use the bluebirds, a special kind which can be divided into three different pigeons specially prepared to break the ice walls. Finally, you will be able to launch the fierce black bomber, a huge bird which blows up any wall that could be near him.


Although it may sound like a game without pretension, its high level of dependence increases with each puzzle. Buildings will become bigger and stronger and pigs will be harder to beat, but do not worry: new birds with new capabilities will join your cause at the right time for you to complete your goal.


Full of hidden bonuses, full of humorous cutscenes and full of ingenious puzzles, this game has it all and has revolutionized the world of casual titles. Download Angry Birds demo and see why for yourself.


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