Songbird 2.2.0-2453

Songbird 2.2.0-2453

Full-featured and good looking multimedia player

There are Numerous multimedia players in the market, and Most of Them are good: They different kinds of media files and formats, and include extra features. Goal if you want a multimedia player That Exceeds your expectations, then Consider using this program. Songbird is a multimedia player Powerful That combined the best of Firefox and iTunes, Creating a multi-platform multimedia player and web browser, all in one software. It runs perfectly on Windows and Mac, and Linux support is Being Developed.

Songbird features a friendly and modern interface That Enables easy browsing, not only through your library, goal aussi through different sources on the web. It does not only play video clips, goal aussi shows information about each Stock song, and even shows notifications of your favorite bands are When playing live in your town, so you can order tickets. You can synchronize with iTunes Songbird, and it processes up to and over 1500 songs in one minute. You can create play lists, organize your music by category, browse the web for more music, and do lot more.

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Songbird 2.2.0-2453
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