Attomic time

Attomic time 2.2

Attomic time is a program which let you set the PC clock to the correct time regularly.


AbAlarm 2013

AbAlarm is a small and easy to use alarm clock for your PC. Give AbAlarm a specific time or the number of minutes to count down, and let it remind you…


AlarmJ 1.2

AlarmJ is a (really) small countdown timer with a nice interface.

Atomic time

Atomic time 2.2

Atomic time synchronizes you computer's built in clock with the clocks of one or more free time servers on the internet. These time servers are all kept…

Cool Timer

Cool Timer

Cool Timer tell your kids when their time is up, let you know when your cake is done, or when you need to take a break, etc. It can even wake you up in…