uTorrent is a file sharing program that uses P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer model. With this application, you will be able to download, for free, all sorts…



BitSpirit is a complete file exchange program with which you will be able to transfer all kinds of items quickly, safely and efficiently.


Morpheus 6.8.5

Morpheus is a file sharing and searching peer-to-peer client for Microsoft Windows. Morpheus also lets you sync all your downloaded files to import them…


FrostWire 5.6.1

FrostWire is a BitTorrent client that works with the P2P protocol and allows you to download music, videos, documents and all kinds of files. This program…

Bit Che

Bit Che 1.0 bulid 60

Bit Che is a framework and script language for searching Bit Torrent websites and search engines for torrents. Bit Che uses user submitted and customized…


LuckyWire 1.0

LuckyWire is a free P2P file sharing app designed to replace the late LimeWire, featuring a very similar appearance and functionality.


PeerBlock 1.1.0

PeerBlock was developed to be a new version (aka a "fork") of the popular Peer Guardian 2 software. It blocks "known bad" computers from accessing yours,…



BearShare is a file-sharing software solution that is aimed at users who want to exchange files over the Internet, but, in the same, it also offers some…


aMule 2.3.1

aMule is a free peer-to-peer file sharing application that works with the EDonkey network and the Kad network, offering similar features to eMule and…


BitTorrent 7.8.2 build 30265

BitTorrent is the first file sharing client created for this particular protocol. It now features a simple yet powerful interface that allows you to handle…

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